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We support and recommend products

by PC Tools, AVG Products, Symantec




For New Virus Warnings please visit

PC Tools, AVG or Symantec web sites


PC Tools

PC Tools™ is a global leader in innovative software products to protect

 the privacy and security of Windows computer users





AVG Anti-Virus


 Grisoft's primary focus is to deliver the most

comprehensive and proactive protection available on the market.






Symantec's Expanded Threat List

To View the latest virus related threats posted by Symantec Security

response web site click on the link below:


Web Site:  Symantec Security Response


Hoax List

 These hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an email.
 Please disregard the hoax emails - they contain bogus warnings usually
 intent only on frightening or misleading users.
Web Site: Symantec Security Response - Hoax Page

Virus Map Courtesy of Trend Micro





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