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Back up your data and a clean PC is a cool PC.


Read your Burner program manual or help file on making a data disk and
the PC's manual before you attempt cleaning the tower. 
or have Computer technician backup the data and clean the PC.

  1. Backup your data, photographs, documents to a CDR or DVD-r disk. 
    CD's are inexpensive, easy to use.
  2. Insert a blank CDR disk into your CD-ROM (burner) drive
  3. Start your burner program and make a data disk.



  1. Keep your desktop PC clean.

  2. Once a year unplug the tower and remove the side panel

  3. Clean the CPU Fan, many store sell Dust Off products--compressed air in a can.

  4. Read the directions on the Dust Off product before using

  5. Once the CPU fan is clean use a vacuum cleaner's crevice tool to clean out the case.

  6. If possible remove the front panel and clan out the air intake vents

  7. Note using a crevice tool will aloow you to clean this area without removing the front panel.

  8. Why clean the case...see below:





After Cleaning:














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