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What you need to know to protect yourself.


The threat is real.

Anyone who uses a computer is susceptible to spyware infection. In fact, four out of five Internet-connected PCs are infected with spyware, adware and other unwanted programs that can:


  • Open your PC to identity theft
  • Expose your personal information and private accounts
  • Corrupt your hard drive
  • Share your passwords and user names


Spyware describes any application that may track your online or offline PC activity. It can save or transmit those findings to third parties. Spyware is stealthy and often attaches itself to your computer without your knowledge or appropriate consent. Many nefarious spyware programs can record keystrokes to steal your social security number, bank account information and credit card numbers, or hijack your modem to dial expensive, pornographic phone numbers.


Adware is a different type of program that lets companies track your online activities and tailor pop-up ads based on your choices.














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